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Would it be a terrible thing if I wore these on a regular basis?  Lately, my kids will not stop talking.  Ever.  Not for a minute, unless they are playing Wii.  It’s almost driven me to have a nervous breakdown, or at least develop a tic.  Sometimes I think they do it just because they know it aggravates me.  Other times, I know they are specifically seeking attention, but come ON.  One person only has so much to give!  I seem to be especially sensitive to the girls’ incessant chatter at the moment, which makes sense since they are in my class.  There IS such a thing as too much togetherness.  I cannot wait until Thanksgiving break so that they can talk to the grandparents and I can sneak off to enjoy some quiet.


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So, G’s second grade class is constructing a diorama of the infamous destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.  I really want to ask Mrs. M  if they are going to take them out to the parking lot and set fire to them.  If so, I want to be there to watch.  And video it.


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This Tired Ole Blog…

Poor thing has been neglected for what?  A couple of years?  Well, I’m thinking of dusting it off and taking it for a spin again.  I’m no Pioneer Woman, but I’ll see if I have anything of importance to share.  I AM a little nervous that I drank a few glasses of wine and then announced on Facebook that I “used to have a blog”.  What does that mean?  Should I keep it under wraps?  Do I really have time to filter my thoughts anymore?

Times have changed, quite a bit.  No wonder I’m mostly tired…I’m a single mom these days.  I am also teaching full time at the kids school and training for a half marathon.  I’m sure there are LOTS of questions churning about my new status, but I am not quite ready to go into details.  You are going to have to pack up the judgemental streak and save it for later.

I’m still in awe that I remembered this password.


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Catching up

Well, we’ve been a little busy.

School is winding down and we have had lots of functions, field trips, parties and field days to attend.  Of course, that also means an endless supply of things we have to bring or buy or make.  It will be even crazier next year when all 4 of my kiddos are in school.  YIKES.

Since I have been a slacker blogger, I have neglected to record all the cute things my kids have been doing and saying, which was the main purpose for starting this whole journey.  Just know that some of it was really funny and really cute.  There.

Here are some recent shots of the kids.  They have been extremely busy playing in the dirt every day. I don’t know why we spent last year’s tax return on a playset when all they really want to do is dig for roly polies and build lego mazes and race them.  Yes, that was the hubby’s idea.  They spent about 5 hours on Mother’s Day doing just that, which was great for me until bath time.  Ugh.  Ok, on to the pictures.

Here is A posing with her “wildflowers” on field day.
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G using his tongue to help him win the sack race.
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A is on the right, S on the left.
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R and his friend E looking on during the games!
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Clearly, I’m Stupid

Again, WordPress has gone and meddled with things.  I can’t take the changes!  I don’t know how to find my flipping blogroll now in order to add new blogs.  Sigh.  Why did I think I would be able to keep up with this ball and chain? 😀

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In case you were wondering,

yes, you CAN use Febreeze on those jeans that never make it to the wash because they are the only pair that fit you and you wear them every day.  Really.  It works.

Don’t ask me  how I know this. 


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